4 Hog Hunting party ready for more wild boar hunting


Texas Hog Hunting near Austin, Houston & San Antonio. Look no further, we have been Texas pig hunting for over 15 years. Night Hunting, Walk & Stalk hunting, we also have the "Honey Hole", a dark swampy part of the Ranch, where the monster hogs roam. 


Shoot Unlimited Hogs & Sizes! - Best Texas Hog Hunting Ranch

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No Reservations - No Guide Fee - Honey Hole and Gun Rental Included

Shoot 10 Piglets for $250 No extra Skinning Fees! Up to 50 lbs ea. - 50% OFF

Hog Hunting Weapons Allowed
  • Shotgun with Slugs

  • Rifles (min. .223 w 60 grain hollow point bullet)

  • Have weapon sighted in beforehand

  • 30 yard to 80 yard shots

  • Pistols

  • Bow and Arrow, Crossbow

  • Tripod Stands Avail for Day & Night Bow Hunting

  • Bowie knives

  • The Best Hog Hunting Gun is a Semi-Auto Rifle or Shotgun

Types of Hunting Available
  • Night Hunting in Blinds over bait

  • Early Morning Predator/Hog Hunts

  • Walk and Stalk Hog Hunting in Teams

  • Swamp Hog Hunting - Ground Blinds (Honey Hole)

  • Guided Night Vision Hunts

  • Safari Style Monster Hog & Exotic/Ram hunts

  • 80-90% Success Rate

  • Open Sept - June, Limited Summer Sessions

  • Can Accommodate Large Parties 20+

  • Hog Sizes 25 lb. - 450 lb.+

What to Bring
  • Weapon

  • Ammo

  • Cash Only at Ranch

  • Appropriate weather clothing

  • Extra Snacks (Alcohol Allowed)

  • Sleeping bag, bedroll, pillow, blanket

  • (limited bedding available)

  • Toiletries and towels

  • (Hot Showers Avail.)

  • Hunter Orange Hat & Vest

  • Flashlight

  • 40-50 lb. Bag of Cracked Corn (2 bags per hunter)

How to Schedule a Hunt?

How to schedule your hunt, once purchased:

1.) Click on Calendar Tab

2.) Click on yellow button “Schedule Here”

4.) Put yourself on your START DATE only


Best Time to Come? Oct-Feb, April & May (Sun-Wed. Start Dates (March and Most Weekends - Extremely Busy)

  • Sausages

  • Dried

  • Smoked

  • Fresh 

  • Wild Pork Tamales

  • Specialty Meats


Wild Game Processing & Butchering, one location.

Sausages include Boudin, Italian, Jalapeño, Red Pepper, Breakfast, Blueberry, Shiner Brats!

Cuts & Cures include Jalapeño Poppers, Taco Meat, Hot Dogs, BBQ Pork, Tamales, Pulled Pork, Bone Broth, Fajitas, Cured Ham,Buck Board Bacon, Dry Sausage

Whole Animal Specialty Meats Available:

Chops, Ham, Picnic, Bellies,Butts, Ribs, Ect...

  • Central Texas Location

  • Beautiful Scenery

  • Amazing Exotics

  • Overrun with Wild Hogs

  • 1 Hour from Austin Tx

  • San Antonio Houston


Independence Ranch is located in scenic South Central Texas, 75 miles southeast of Austin. South Texas hog hunts are unique. Mesquite trees, varied game, wild swamps, amazing big blue skys. And lets not forget the Hogs! They are runnin' amuck down here.  We need your help! Hunting in Texas at Independence Ranch puts you deep in the heart of Texas. The Alamo, San Antonio Riverwalk and historic Gonzales are all nearby to visit.

  • Lazy Boy Recliners

  • Big Screen TVs

  • Pool Tables

  • Coffee & Free Drinks

  • Gift Shop

  • Delicious Meals


Everything you need to relax before and after a good hunt! Hunting trips in Texas can be tough on even experienced hunters. Boar hunting trips take a lot of energy.  After a full day & long night of hog hunting, sit back, relax at our amazing hunting lodge with comfortable chairs, cable tv, and delicious meals and desserts.  Our lodge is open 24 hours. Free drinks, pool, table games and our gift shop is always available.  

  • Safety First

  • Hunter Orange Req.

  • Full Orientation

  • Gun Range

  • Excellent Safety Record​

  • Ethical Hunting Only


All you need to know to have a enjoyable and safe hunt. Wild pig hunting in Texas can be dangerous for the unprepared. Our hog hunts are some of most safest hunts in Texas.  We have been around for 15 years and we know how to make your hog hunt in Texas safe and fun. Texas hunting laws are always followed and hunting wild boar is always done ethically.

Trail boss after a texas hog hunt with a youg ones first pig hunt. Hunting Texas for wild boars is the best

Welcome to Texas Hog Hunting

"If Your On Time - You're Late" - Please be 5-10 Minutes Early

Calibers of Choice
Not Recommended
Handgun ammo under .357 mag
.223 min. 60 grain
Best Calibers
12ga slug
Not Preferred
(Too Powerful)
300 Winmag
.338 lapua
.375 H&H
(schedule changes slightly with the seasons )

Day 1

3:00 PM Arrival

3:30 PM

  • Drop Bait at Trailer

  • Bring Coolers to Skinning Rack

  • Unpack & Unload

  • Park back in Designated area

4:00 PM Orientation 

5:00 PM Dinner

5:15 - 5:45 Gun Range Open

6:00 PM Go To Blinds

  • Please Observe Shooting Lanes

  • Do not move or turn around Chairs

  • Do not walk away from blind hunting area

9:45 PM Exit Blind

Day 2

6:30 AM Go to Same Blind

9:00 AM  Breakfast

9:15 - 9:45AM Gun Range Open

9:15 AM Leave for Honey Hole

(Be on main road Early ready to leave)

10:00 AM

  • 12 Mile Walk and Stalk

  • Wait in Parking Area

  • Orange On w/ Guns Ready

1:00 PM Lunch

1:15 PM Leave for Honey Hole

2:00 PM Walk and Stalk (Switch Sides)

5:00 PM Dinner

5:15 - 5:45 Gun Range Open

6:00 PM Go to Blinds (Baited Nightly)

9:45 PM Please Exit Blind

Day 3

9:30 AM Return to Same Blind

9:00 AM Breakfast

10:00 AM

  • Settle Up

  • Check Out 

  • Pack Meat/Sausage

(Please Check Meat before leaving - It is Customers Responsibility to make sure all meat is packed)

General Rules

  • Exotics Animals May Eat Bait - Do Not Approach or Disturb - Hogs May Come Later

  • Call Staff immediately upon harvest of animal. Do not Wait!

  • Do not leave trash in blinds or on ground

  • No driving around other than directly to blind

  • No hunting after 10pm

  • Keep weapons in vehicle

  • Load weapons at blind or in the field

  • No Weapons in Camp

  • Do Not move/turn around Chairs

  • Observe Marked Shooting Lanes

  • 3 round rule, clean methodical kill shots, no "pray n spray"

  • Shots to the Head and/or neck only (Body shots may lose meat)

Basic Firearms Rules
  • Rule #1 - Treat all guns as if they are loaded
  • Rule #2 - Don't point the muzzle at anything you are not willing to destroy
  • Rule #3 - Keep Your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target and you have made the decision to shoot
  • Rule #4 - Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.
Flying To Independence Ranch

Flights are getting more affordable everyday. Many of our hunters take advantage of the speed and convenience of flying into Texas to hog hunt! Check                       or some amazing deals.


Cheap Flight Tips

  • Check multiple dates and multiple Airport Departure and Arrival Locations (SAT, AUS, IAH, HOU) 

  • Check Discount Airlines: Frontier, Spirit, Allegiant, Southwest



1 Hour - Austin (AUS)

1 Hour - San Antonio (SAT)

2 Hour - Houston (IAH)

2 Hour - Houston Hobby Southwest (HOU)

4 Hour - Dallas (DAL)

4 Hour - Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)


Ground Transportation

Car Rental



Check with kitchen staff


Meat Storage & Transport

  • Please let skinners know if you want to ship meat via Air

  • Airline Ready Coolers Avail $30 (50 lbs.)

  • Deboning (Recommended) $25 per Pig

  • Meat Frozen - No Ice Needed


Night Vision & Thermal Fully Guided Hog Hunts
2 Man Fully Guided Night Vision Hog Hunts
$150/Hour 2 Hour Min.

Experience the "insane fun" of night vision/thermal hog hunts in the honey hole, the lowest part of the ranch filled to the brim with Wild Texas Hogs!

Game Available




Wild Pigs

Types Of Hunting

Stationary Hunting

Spot and Stalk Style Hunting


Please Check w/ Ranch Boss for limited availability

IV8888 joins us for a Hog Hunting trip of a lifetime. One of the best Texas Hog Hunting videos I Have seen