Wild Game Processing & Butchering

Cured - Dried - Smoked - Fresh Products Available
Fresh Sausages

POLISH (Traditional Kielbasa)

BOUDIN (South Louisiana Style)

ITALIAN (White Sausage in Bulk)


RED PEPPER (Spicy Style White)

BREAKFAST (Sage in Link or Bulk(

BLUEBERRY (Maple Breakfast - Link)

SHINER BEER BRATS (Local Bock Beer Brats)

Cuts & Cures - Comping Soon

JALAPENO (Stuffed w/ Sausage/Bacon Wrapped

TACO MEAT (Pre Seasoned Texas Taco Grind)

BBQ PORK (Country Style Rib Chop Seasoned)

TAMALES (Masa Flour & BBQ Shoulder

PULLED PORK (In a vinegar BBQ)

BONE BROTH (16 HourMarrow Bone Reduction)

FAJITAS (Premium Tenderloin & Fresh Bacon)

Skinning & Processing 

  • $50 per hog up to 50 lbs;$1 lb./thereafterlive weight

  • Includes retrieval, gutting, skinning, entrails disposal, stored into your cooler in ice.

  • Add $1.50 lb for processing into sausage. 100 lbs yields 30-35 lbs of meat. Vacuum sealed fresh or frozen

  • Airline Coolers $30, Deboning $25 per pig

Whole Animal Specialty Meats Available