Emergency Meat Hunt Beef/Pork


Get farm-raised beef today! We also have wild hogs available. Stores may be out of meat, buy you don’t have to go without. Get stocked up! Bring your coolers and fill them up today. Be sure and bring your friends and family, so no one is left out.

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The grocery stores are virtually out of beef and pork.  Do you have your needed supplies?  Will you be able to get your needed supplies? Worry no further! Our ranch call fill your freezers today; both beef and pork. In most cases, the meat can be butchered while you wait. If you take a larger animal, you can stay in our facilities overnight for a small fee and eat in the lodge while we process and package your animal.  This deal is good only through April 30, 2020 or until we end the offer, as we are only offering a limited number of animals for offer.

This is a 1-day hunt for only a $99 trespass fee per person. We will butcher all the meat. Pork is $1/lb live weight and includes quartering. Beef is $3/lb live weight and includes full processing and packaging.  The beef can be cut into specific cuts and ground beef is one of the options; included in the price. The beef will be packaged, vacuum sealed, and frozen for your departure. Pork can get this service for an additional fee.

Call or Text the Ranch Boss to make arrangements or for more info at:  832-419-6151

We are located in Gonzales County, about 75 miles from Austin or San Antonio or 120 West of downtown Houston.

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