Archery Hog Hunt Package

Bow Hunting Wild Boar

Bow Hunting Package

Buy 1 Hunt get Bonus Hunt Free*

Reg $799

Now only $349 per hunter!

3 Days and 2 Nights Hunting
**2 YEAR TO USE** 

Hog Hunt Includes

  • 2 wild hogs any size + UNLIMITED PIGLETS UP TO 50 LBS EACH

  • SUPER BONUS! Purchase this hog hunt while on special and get a free upgrade to unlimited hogs, unlimited sizes.

  • 2 predators or varmints allowed per day (Coyote, Bobcat, Fox, Possum, Armadillo, Raccoon, Rabbit, Ringtail Cat, or Mountain Lion. We want them shot on sight!)

  • Day & Night hunting sessions

  • All Meals and Drinks

  • Great Comfortable Lodging


Not Included:

     You must bring your Release of Liability ~ get it here ~

  • Texas Hunting license fees ($48.00 non-residents, $25.00 for residents and $10.00 for under 17 years old available at Walmart)

  • Wild Hog Cleaning: Cost is $50.00 to gut and skin hogs up to 50 lbs. Larger hogs are cut into 10 pieces and ready to BBQ!  This service also includes retrieval /pickup from the field, freezing and chilling the meat, made ready for your departure. The cost of cleaning on larger wild pigs is $1.00 per lb. Independence Ranch performs all animal cleaning on site.

  • Guide and Staff fee of $100/hunter. Paid in cash upon arrival.

  • Tips for your staff (Skinners, Cooks and cleaning crew. We recommend minimum of $50 per hunter)

  • Please, Cash only for All services at the ranch.

  • Non-Hunters can be added for $250 each

  • If you bring SIX or more hunters, get a Monster Hog over 300 lbs. Free! Independence Ranch will waive the $500 kill fee!  You only pay hog cleaning!


*Free Hunt to be used from May 1 - Nov 1, 2017 or 2018

*Free Hunt starts Sun, Mon, Tue or Wed. Only

Texas Bow Hunting at its Finest

Your wild boar Bow Hunting Adventure begins here, at Independence Ranch.  We love Bow hunters at our hog hunting ranch.  The action heats up during the day as the hunters drive the pigs into a wild Hog Frenzy, but there are always opportunities for that dead on, serious bow hunter. We have tripod open blinds specifically designed for bow hunting wild pigs. Wether it's stalking your prey, or hunting over bait, we have many options to suit your needs. The Honey Hole is a dark, cool, swampy part of the property that the wild hogs love to roam.  The shots are close range and the pigs are numerous and moving fast. Night Bow Hunting hogs can be extremely interesting. Night vision and thermals are optional. Wild boar have a keen sense of smell and an accurate sense of hearing. At night, you, the stealth hog hunting angel of death, have the advantage.

Non Stop Wild boar Bow Hunting

Many a hunter has come to the hog hunting ranch expecting wild pigs to be easy game.  I have seen for myself how difficult it is to accurately hit a pack of wild hogs running for their lives.  One hunter once said to me, "I can't understand why I keep missing...I'm dead on at the archery range" This ain't no archery range! This is rock em, sock em, hog hunting country! Where the big wild boars don't care if you miss. They are charging and running regardless. God help you if you aren't an accurate shot. Just remember, climbing trees to get away from crazed wild boars ain't nothing to be ashamed of. Texas hog hunting,is about letting the Hogs roam free and at times the hunter may be the hunted. There is nothing more dangerous than a wounded hog. 

Beware the wounded Hog that got away

Another reason to be accurate in your shots is wounding animals. We love hunting hogs, we don't love wounding hogs and letting them get away.  Hogs are nocturnal by nature so you have a high degree of probability that you will have your shot in the evening hours. But stalking your wounded prey might prove difficult with other hunters on the property. Take into account that it might be hours before you can really chase down and track a wounded animal. Only bring bows that you are comfortable with and have a high degree of accuracy.  Bring the toughest, meanest arrow you got. Our hogs are tough and it takes a lot to bring down a mean nasty boar. We recommend a heavy, strong fixed blade. Many a skinner has run into a broken mechanical broadhead. The heart and lungs are extremely small and tucked behind the front leg. We recommend a shorter shot within 20 yards. Broadside is your best chance of not wounding the animal.